Frequently Asked Questions

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“Is home staging expensive?”
Not nearly as expensive as lowering your asking price by 10% to 40%.  Typically, per the 2011 NAR survey, every $100.00 spent on staging your home gives a ROI (return on investment) of $399.00.

“Can’t potential homebuyers use their imagination
and look past the clutter and current décor?”

Only 10% of homebuyers can visualize the potential of the home.  It is very important to have an occupied home staged  – it allows the buyer to picture themselves actually living there.  This is more true with vacant homes, buyers can not visualize size and scale – furniture helps give them a frame of reference.  Staging a vacant home also aids in the selling of an emotion!  And lets face it, when we sell a house, that is exactly what we are selling:  an emotion.  People buy on emotion!!

43rd Street (12 of 23)“Why can’t I just stage my house myself?”

Our homes are very private and personal to us, it is where we live and seek solitude.  It is currently decorated (“staged”) to make us comfortable and allow us to live in a relaxed atmosphere.  You will not always be able to identify its flaws.  If you are not able to view something objectively then you are not going to be able to package and market it effectively.  Stage Right Design, Inc. puts on its “Buyer Eyes” and can effectively get your home ready for an immediate offer.  Using a certified professional home staging company is where you will get your greatest return on investment.

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With 2000 agents surveyed, in their opinion, home staging provided a 399% ROI (return on investment).*  This means for every $100.00 invested in professional staging, the potential return is $399.00.  WOW!!

81% of home sellers are willing to invest an average of $5,000.00 to make their home marketable.*

89% of potential home buyers search real estate websites and view photographs before actually visiting a home.*
This means home buyers are using the internet an262 - 8205KingsleyCt-2d photographs to determine which homes they are willing to tour.  Don’t miss the first cut.  Have your home staged prior to taking photos. (Stage Right Design, Inc. supplies professional after photos to their clients – FREE, see the services section for more information).

75% of potential home buyers will pay more money for a home that is “move-in ready.”* Just one more reason to have your home professionally staged.

*2011 NAR (National Association of Realtors)